Our Expertise

Knowledge on EU regulatory aspects on herbal medicinal products, food supplements, establishment of quality standards for Chinese herbal drugs according to European Pharmacopeia. SU BioMedicine is function as a bridge between  China and Europe  from scientific and cultural perspectives.

By cooperation with the Leiden University-European Center for Chinese Medicine and Natural Compounds (LUECCM), Oxford University, Cambridge University, Yale University, Chinese academy of Science and China academy of Chinese Medicinal Sciences, etc, SU BioMedicine has established a scientific research platform in discovery and understanding the synergistic and opposing active principles of Chinese herbal medicine and natural compounds by combining scientific technology and novel biological insights. The scientific input can be used as scientific evidence for acceptance of Chinese herbal medicinal products worldwide.

Our in house TCM data base

With its partner Vitaltes BV, SU BioMedicine has developed an in house  Traditional Chinese Medicine data base that can serve SU BioMedicine’s clients for safety and efficacy evaluation of the products intend to entering the EU market. In addition, this data base can play a unique role in  TCM big data market by providing scientific evidence of TCM products and new TCM product developments.