System medicine is the future of health care, and herbal medicine is playing an essential role

SU BioMedicine is a spin-off company from the Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). It has developed unique expertise in the field of systems medicine, quality control and international standards of herbal medicine/Chinese medicine, registration and commercialization of herbal products since it was founded in 2004. The core business of SU BioMedicine includes providing scientific evidence with proved safety and efficacy data, providing technical and regulatory supports on international quality standardization of herbal medicine/Chinese medicine, providing consultancy for the EU registration of traditional herbal medicinal products (tHMP), as well as notification, manufacturing g, marketing and sales of food supplements and natural cosmetics in Europe. SU BioMedicine has established numerous collaborations in China and Europe and has a strong network with Chinese universities, innovative industries and research institutes on Chinese medicine. SU BioMedicine has established collaboration with Chinese companies to obtain EU GMP standards for production. SU BioMedicine participated in establishment of Chinese herbal drug monographs according to European pharmacopeia quality standard, Deutscher Arzneimittel-Codex (DAC) and ISO quality standards. SU BioMedicine functions as a bridge between Chinese and European pharmaceutical companies.


SU BioMedicine works together with Chinese pharmaceutical companies and brings herbal medicinal products to the European market as herbal medicine with scientific proven safety and efficacy to address the worldwide unmet medical need for treatment of various chronic diseases and infectious diseases. e.g. cold and flu. Meanwhile, SU BioMedicine conducts notification for food supplements and creates a new way for Chinese herbal products into EU market.


The next generation health care will aim at prevention or treatment of chronic diseases and health promotion. SU BioMedicine is bringing a new generation of herbal medicinal products to the EU market using SU BioMedicine’s vast knowledge on quality control, system medicine and EU legal experiences of herbal medicinal products. SU BioMedicine has numerous collaborations in the world, and establishes networks widely in innovative industries, research institutes on TCM in China and Europe.

Product portfolio

Chinese herbal medicinal products that are used in treatment/ prevention of diseases in the area of pain, woman’s health, cold, etc. Food supplements in the  field for supporting the body’s immune function, increasing the antioxidative capacity of the body, supporting a healthy digestion, relieving menopause symptoms, etc.