Qihuang prize awarded to Mei Wang

Dr. Mei Wang, CEO of SU Biomedicine, has been awarded the ‘Qihuang prize’ by the Chinese Medicine Society in recognition of her significant contributions to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the world. Chinese minister of health Mr. Guo Qiang Wang presented this award to Dr. Mei Wang on 25th Nov 2018 in Beijing, China. The aim of the Qihuang prize is to recognize her significant contributions and encourage her to contribute even more to TCM in the world by stimulating her initiatives and creativity with the honor.

Combining the best of both worlds

Dr. Mei Wang has studied and made efforts to integrate TCM with modern science and technology from different scientific perspectives and cultural backgrounds. She has been working for more than ten years as an expert in the TCM working group for the European pharmacopoeia, a single reference-work for official European quality standards. As a rapporteur, she contributed to establish more than twenty quality monographs of Chinese herbal drugs for the European pharmacopoeia. ‘It is a great honor for me to receive the Qihuang prize, and I am happy to be recognized for my research and activities for TCM’ – said Mei Wang.

The future…
Dr. Mei Wang will continue to dedicate to the study and promotion of TCM in the world. ‘Scientific proof and insight into the underlying mechanisms is key for acceptance of TCM in western society.
It is my ambition to provide all the people from the world access to the benefits of the TCM treasure house which contains rich and valuable knowledge’ – says Wang