Our History

SU BioMedicine (SUB) was established as a spin-off company from the Netherlands Applied Science ORGANISATION (TNO). SU BioMedicine is based on its unique expertise in Chinese Herbal Medicine with respect to quality, safety, efficiency, registration procedures in the European Union and commercialization in the EU. The business model of SU BioMedicine is to provide scientific evidence using modern scientific technologies/pharmacology and to perform registration and commercialization of the Chinese herbal products in the EU. SU BioMedicine collaborates with research institutions globally, for scientific evidence of the efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine and novel quality control. SU BioMedicine also works together with Chinese Medicine producers to arrange for EU GMP standards for production. SU BioMedicine is involved in establishment of Chinese herbal medicine monographs according to the European pharmacopeia quality standard. It functions as a bridge between Chinese and European pharmaceutical companies.

SU BioMedicine collaborates with scientific communities for scientific evidence and quality control of Chinese herbal medicine. SU BioMedicine also works together Chinese pharmaceutical companies and introduces Herbal Medicines on the European market as Herbal Medicine with scientific proven safety and efficacy to address the worldwide unmet medical need for treatment of various (chronic) diseases.